Weight Loss!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Still 210.8

Didnt eat much Saturday. Small amounts of stuff. Ate talapia so it wasnt that . Still scared to try shrimp.....Defenitely eating less. Feeling full sooner. Guess thats the way it works and it is workin! YEAAAA!!!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

210.8 yipeeee........ a new all time low!!!!!

I dont understand how all this went down but here goes... A week ago I weighed 212 first thing in the morning when I usually weigh myself. Then through the day with clothes on and eating and drinking you weigh more then morning weight. Before I went to the doctor for my fill I weighed around noon time, with clothes and all, 217. That was Thursday. Then I went and got a fill that WORKED!. Oh lord! This morning on Saturday, I weighed 210.8. Holy moly! I dont understand how I put on so much before the doctor. Well a Dairy Queen or 2 and maybe some pizza.... I guess I know how it happened. Also I was eating bigger amounts then I should have been able to. Well NO MORE!!!!! He filled it on Thursday and now I am resticted finally. Yesterday when I got home from work I had 2 boiled shrimp while I was waiting for the talapia to bake . I ate 1 bite of talapia and it felt like it wasnt goin down. STUCK! Well I gave it a minute and had another bite..... Still not good ....I took a few sips of water to get it down. Tried to burp some and get it down and after a few minutes it went down. WHEW! that was weird, so I went back to eating and again it wont go down. HUMMMM. Whats going on ? Well something was wrong.... It wouldnt go down, come up or stop hurting. It was doing a slow burn. Heartburn like between my boobs. WOW! This isnt cool. So I walked away and went upstairs not knowing what was going to happen. I leaned over the sink wondering if it was coming up while it was still burning. Nope , didnt come up. Went to the bathroom hoping to make room at the other end so it had room to go down.... Some where between there the burn stopped but after that I was afraid to eat. Dont want that to happen again. So 3 hours later I just had a couple spoons of Rice Krispees and milk before I went to bed. I think the fill hit the sweet spot that really resticts your intake of food to the point you know you dont want the punishment of overeating again. It was funny when he was giving me the fill I said I was eating shrimp and he asked, doesnt shrimp bother me and get stuck? and I said nothing bothers me, I can eat anything. So he gave me 2 1/4 cc's. I gave you a little extra , he said. The band holds 11 cc's and now 3 fills later I have had 6 1/4 cc's. I guess before the swelling and fill was enough and now the swelling inside is gone and over half filled, I am resticted. I think the swelling down and not restricted enough, I was able to eat more and thats how I put on a few lbs. Also could have been the salt in the foods helped retain some water lbs. This morning I am down a total of 23 pounds. I hope this keeps going down. It should since Im afraid to eat and I can feel the full feeling again. The moral of the story is, if your not getting resticted you fall back to your old ways of eating. The surgery only helps if you get your fills and you cant eat even if you want to. Need I say Im giving the shrimp to Jill today. lol I will type again before the weekend is over and let you know if I stay resticted...God I hope so. Its more fun losing then gaining. Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I have lots to say but it will have to wait till the weekend

I went to the doctor today and have lots to type. But its 10:30 at night and I have to get up at 4:30 so I will "fill" you in on the latest on Saturday morning.....wait for it. lol Good night all. Come back and read my update this weekend and have a great Memorial Day everyone.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Still the same, still have not walked!

Im wasting time..... I have been doing fine eating protein and all, but still have not been walking. TODAY IM GOING FOR A HOUR WALK IF IT KILLS ME! I need to break the number on the scale. I think I am still at the same number but hope when I go to the doctor next week he will surprise me with a lower number like last time I was there. My scale doesnt show a loss and didnt last time. So I must walk and follow my diet. I was real active working in the yard yesterday and didnt eat much. So I guess theam answer to my problem is excersise! I will keep you informed. Im not weighing daily because the scale doesnt move but will let you know the second it hits 210. bye for now.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Im a Bad girl

Well let it be known that day 4 is here that I have been off 4 days and have not walked once.....Thats why I weigh the same. Im a bad girl. I need to get my shit together and start walking but I know I dont want to. I am not gaining but Im suppose to exercise and thats the hard part. ugh!!!! What to do? How do I force myself to get going? Any ideas would be helpful. I will try to walk today. I
still think a treadmill in the house in front of the tv would help then I can watch tv and walk and not have to be bored walkin around the block. blah blah blah. tv would make time go faster and I dont have to leave the house. I think thats my best plan. Now all I need is the treadmill...... later.....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

maintaining I think....

Well my scale at home still moves between 211 and 212....So I dont know if Im losing or not. I do know when it hits 210 I have lost! I need to walk the next 4 days because Im off work and have no excuse for time. So Im pretty sure with some walking done I WILL DROP TO 210THIS WEEKEND!!!!!! That is my goal. I will let you know as soon as it happens. It would be a great mothers day gift to myself. HAPPY MOMS DAY TO ALL OF YOU! Check back soon cause its goin down this weekend. byeeeeeee ;)