Weight Loss!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

40 POUNDS!!!!!

Morning all, Well this morning I got on the scale 3 times to make sure and YES it said 193.4!!!!!! That means I am offically 40 pounds down. YEEEEHAAAAA! I was stuck at 38 for a long time then all of a sudden 2 pounds. Go me! I will keep you posted on any further poundage loss. Have a great Halloween and weekend. Bye for now. Denise

Sunday, October 24, 2010

195.6 and holding

I now know why I am not dropping the poundage. Bad food choices. Since the last fill I eat alot less quanity but still sugar carbs and fats. I cant get dry meat like chicken, pork or steak to go down. I can get hamburger with gravy or mayo or hamsalad to go down because its wet with GRAVY or Mayo....Hello! This could be the problem. I use to be able to eat 2 or 3 mozzarella sticks and last nite only got 1 down. I do believe its time for the dreaded WALKING to begin. Crap! I got away without walking for 7 months and lost weight. I guess that is over. I know Im eating less and not hungry so I will lose weight at a slower pace. Better food choices I guess. Spring is around the corner, 5 months away. I need to get my ass in gear and be skinnier by spring.The holidays shouldnt be hard because I can taste everything but not pig out. I think tomorrow morning I will be a pound down...maybe 194 because Im gonna be good today....no sugar or lets be realistic, less sugar and a walk. I also realize that when I work I think I need to eat before I go so Im not hungry at work. But on weekends I dont eat till 9 or after. So I guess I could save the morning calories and that should help. Im going to try it this week. Talk soon I hope, toodles.....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A FILL TODAY, We will see......

Hi, long time no talk to. Well this morning on my scale I weighed 196.5 and at the doctors office I weighed the same. I found out alot of info. The band I have is a size large that holds 14cc's of fluid. After todays fill I have a smidge over 9cc's of fluid in there......But it doesnt matter because you can fill them up to 200 times the max fill of 14 because they can stretch. So he filled me up with 3/4 cc and Im at 9.2. Which means I should be losing weight again so check back often. I was 7 pounds down from my last visit to him. I already made my next appointment for January 4th 2011 so after the holidays I want it CRANKED DOWN!. Skinny for spring baby. I hope I will be back often to check in with you. Bye bye pounds. Liquids today and tomorrow and soft after that so talk soon. Denise

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Still maintaining...give or take a pound.

Well after a month at weighing between 195 and 197, I weighed this morning at 195.4.... So I have not lost this month but also not gained. Still having hard time getting dry meat like beef or pork down somedays. But you never know what might get stuck. I think I eat too fast when Im hungry and thats the problem. Not enough chewing or not taking a break between bites.Somedays I think I would love to be able to inhale food for a day or pig out but I wouldnt change my loss of weight for it. So I think back....THOSE WERE THE DAYS! I still want to lose more weight but if I stayed where I am the rest of my life I would be ok with that too. I didnt get my fill in September but I am going in about 10 days for a fill in October so Im sure that will bring me down a few. Then I'M NOT GOING TILL JANUARY 1ST 2011. I want to enjoy the holidays a little bit . I will check back when Im down. Toodles ;)