Weight Loss!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

191.6 this morning!

Morning, another pound, 191.6 is great. Im really restricted and eating less then before. But the weight is coming off again. Still no ice cream or cheese cake. Maybe that helps, ya think? I will be behaving today so the weight stays off. Happy Sunday. Getting closer to 180's YIPEEEE

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another pound!

192 this morning! Im determined to see the 180's now! See what I could have lost if I would have behaved? I made great choices and ate small amounts and another pound is gone. 41 pounds all together. Lets see if I can do the whole weekend, then the month of February. Today my plan is to organize the garage so if I keep busy I should be good. Hopefully I will return in the morning to report more pounds gone. Have a great day.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Still down 40

Hi, Long time no see. Well I made it through the holidays and have been eating lots of junk. Not much protein has entered my stomach. Had a fill Thursday( 2 days ago) and he put another cc in so now Im up to 10.2 cc's. I have told myself for the next month I am going to try to really make better choices. Spring is right around the corner and I better get going because it will be 1 year since I had this lapband put in and I would like to lose more before that day comes. Im not making excuses but I have had a very stressful and busy couple months. Hopefully things will get better now where I can focus on my eating choices and not be so un focused. Im thrilled that this morning weighed 193. So Im still 40 lbs down. More to come off I hope if I behave. Talk soon and often I hope. tata for now.