Weight Loss!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

1/2 pound, not huge but I will take it.

199 even this morning! Only 1/2 pound but closer to 198 tomorrow maybe. Bye for now.......34 1/2 lbs down... :~)

Friday, July 30, 2010

OMG!!!! WAIT FOR IT.................199.6!

Good morning!!!! I am under 200 and I dont remember last time I was. I remember 186 amd 206 but not 200 or todays weight........199.6!!!!!! I also know 110% without the surgery I would have said screw it, Im hungry , Im gonna eat and I would have. This keeps me close to honest and losing weight. I still have DQ or sweets or carbs sometimes but I know there is a small amount of them when I do eat them. I would imagine it will be a few days or week before Im down another pound but I will return when it happens. Have a great weekend people. Love ya and love being under the big 200. BYEEEEEEE

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WHOOT WHOOT! Look at me go!

Morning all! 200.2 this morning. I finally hit the big 200! This last fill might have be a smidge too much because after 2 bites of food Im done. Literally 2 bites. But thats ok because it keeps me on the path to skinny. I am 2 ounces away from being under 200. I dont remember last time I weighed that. Im 33 1/2 pounds down in 4 1/2 months. IMPRESSIVE!!!! I feel great and am sure I would weigh more then 233 by now without the surgery. I would be pushin 240. This weight loss is all lapband because Im still not excersing. I know I should but always have a reason not to. Im going out to breakfast with a friend today and I think I will just be having coffee. I really cant eat more than 2 bites so its a waste of money ordering what I cant eat. You really save money on groceries with this surgery. If I lived alone I dont think I would spend $25 a week on food. Not counting Dairy Queen. LOL Well I hope to be back soon, UNDER 200 LBS! Talk soon. Have a great day.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


201.8 Another pound! I know I am big time restricted after yesterday. I also know I am supose to be on liquids and soft diet the day of and after a fill. But by now you know me. For breakfast yesterday I tried 1/2 of a corned beef sandwich. 2 bites and it got stuck. Gave it to Leon and he ate it. For lunch tried it again and again it got stuck. Gave it to Leon and he again ate it. This time it wouldnt go down so I puked a little and was fine. The rest of the day I just had a taste of this and that to satisfy my wants. Im not good at denying myself what I want. So This morning I am down another pound and I believe with all my heart it is soooo worth it because if I hadnt had the surgery to keep me honest I would right now weigh more then I did when I started this in March. Also for anyone considering this surgery, remember that washing down stuck food with a drink makes it worse because it cant get past the stuck food so you feel worse and its definatly coming back up. Well I hope Im back tomorrow maybe 200 or less. Come on weight loss. =)

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Back to my 202.8 this morning so let the losing begin! I am really restricted so Im sure it will be coming off in no time. A KFC bowl lasts me 4 meals. That should tell ya something. I will be back daily for awhile with weight loss Im sure. UNDER 200 HERE I COME!!!! Till tomorrow morning, have a great day. byeeee

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another FILL today!

I went to the Doctor that did the surgery today and scale read 203. Last time I was there I think I was 213 or 215, not sure but a total of 30 lbs according to his scale. I said I only need a little bit because Im still restricted and he said ok and put another 1 1/4 cc in there. HOLY COW! He is very happy with my results. 30 lbs since March 15th. (4 months) I go back in 8 weeks and if I lost 12 or so this time next time I could be low 190's or high 180's. Hope that happens. I will be back in the next few days or weeks blogging everyday I lose weight. If you dont hear from me its because Im maintaining. Talk soon I hope. BYEEEE

Monday, July 5, 2010

Good news

Hi, Happy 4th of July! This is not a weight thing, its a size thing..... Angel brought over some jeans yesterday to see if they fit me and the sizes were 14 and 16. I hoped the 16's would fit and they did. I didnt think the 14's would and THEY DID!!!!!! OH LORD! I dont remember when I fit into a 14. I was thrilled to zip them up without a problem. Didnt even have to lay down on the bed to zip them, lol..... I did it standing up! Hope to lose more but I think I might stay the same until my next fill. Seems like Im eating a bit more and not gagging. Trying to eat better today. Protien and veggies. Yesterday, not so well behaved. 1/2 funnel cake...bad girl. Its a 1 time a year thing. Looking forward to my next fill which is on the 22nd of July. Should go under 200 pounds with that one...CANT WAIT! Been a long time since I saw 190's. About 10 years I do believe. Look out scale its gonna happen! Bye for now.