Weight Loss!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 1/2 pounds in 2 weeks!!!!!

I thought when I walked in the office today that I wasnt gonna be lighter. I figured the same or who knows..... I got on the scale and she said 3 1/2 pounds in 2 weeks. I said you better check again because according to my scale Im staying the same. She said NOPE! Its true. I was and still am in shock.When I was at the doctors office at 5 in the afternoon....I weighed 213. I went straight home and weighed myself on my scale with same clothes on and didnt drink, eat or use the bathroom and my scale said 215.4. Thats a 2 pound difference between scales. But I can still use either scale. The one at the doctors office is the one they go by so thats fine. I also got another fill today. He had me stand by an exray type machine and before I knew it, he numbed me, filled me and had me drink stuff while he watched it go through my stomach and put a bandaid on it and I was done. Didnt feel a thing. It was over so fast that I wasnt sure what was going on. He was in a hurry. Not a big talker either but still damn good looking. It was sorta like WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM! Sorta sounds like my sex life back in the day. Before I knew it, it was over and I said "IS THAT IT?" I didnt feel a thing! Yup thats exactly how it was. Oh well. Also while sitting in the waiting room I was hungry and as soon as he filled it the hunger was gone. Amazing I tell ya. Well thats my update for today. I will keep you posted. Next appointment is 6 weeks June 10th. toodles

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well tomorrow at 5 ish Im going to see Dr Kane, the guy who did the surgery. I was there 2 weeks ago but saw the nurse and had a fill. I think I want him to fill it again tomorrow. I can go 4-5 hours in between meals but I think I want to eat less at a meal. We will see if I lost anything acording to their scales and decide on the fill. I will let you know as soon as I know. I want to lose faster of course so we will see. good night all!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Just an update...still 212. Did have a small heath blizard last nite and some chop suey and RICE!. So I cant expect too much weight loss. Good news is I ate that and didnt gain any weight. =) Bad Denise Bad! NO MORE CARBS! Oh well, today Im at an open house for 3 hours so if I dont bring food with me I should be ok. Keep you posted. Have a great day.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

212 this morning

Morning, Well Im 212....21pounds down. The lowest I have been was 211.8 so Im about the same give or take 8 ounces. I like to tell myself Im still the same. A little mind game I play with myself called denial. Oh well Im still quite happy that I can cheat a bit and still not gain. I will try to do good today. Im making homemade chop suey for Aprille and I hope I can resist eating tons of it. Its pretty yummy. Talk again soon. Be well. Byeeeee

Friday, April 23, 2010

4 more pounds

Hi, Well last time I saw Dr Dick I weighed 218 with clothes on and today 214 with clothes on. I was 4 lbs down since I saw him and he is very happy with me. My blood presure was great and he said in 2 months when I come back to see him if my presures are still good he will take me off another blood presure pill. I always weigh myself in the morning with no clothes on and usually after using the potty. So weight changes abit depending on if you weigh different times of the day as you all know. I had a great diet day so I will weigh in the morning and let you know then. I always go back and forth within a pound or so depending on when I weigh. I will only be averaging 1 to 2 pounds a week from now on so dont get excited thinking Im gonna have a major weight loss. Remember, I still like to eat and once in a while make a bad choice and eat something I shouldnt. Im only human. But I am doing good. Today I didnt eat till 10:00 because I fasted for blood test. Then I had a whopper no bread , so thats 4 oz protein and lettuce, and pickles. I did cheat and had a small sliver of cinnabon cheesecake
from Burger King. Then for lunch I had 1/2 of a chicken, lettuce and fetta wrap and coleslaw. Now for dinner had a salad no meat. So I think I did pretty good as long as I dont screw up before I go to bed. Granted the sliver of cheesecake was a NO NO, but a woman has needs....cheesecake is good. haha So I will blog again in the morning. Is anyone out there? Any questions or suggestions for me? I still am blogging because I think people are reading it and its also a diary type of thing for me so I can look back and refresh my memory. Till tomorrow. byeeee

Thursday, April 22, 2010

well I will let you know.

Tomorrow I go back to my regular doctor and I have not seen him since the week after my surgery when he took me off all my medicine except 3 pills. Im going to fast, so he can take blood and with any luck I can stay off of them. I have not weighed myself much this week so I will in the morning and let you know. When I did weigh a few days ago I was within ounces of my last weigh in. I have had a few bites of things that were no no's but still eating lots of sugar free things and protein. I am still off pop totally and drinking 0 calorie vitamin water. Love it! So until tomorrow night.......I will let you know what happens at the doctors. TOODLES

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another day another POUND!!!!!

Yeah me. Well this morning I weight in at 211.8. That was another pound exactly since yesterday. I guess what they say is true. PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN. I ate mostly all protein except for 5 crackers and I survived. Its not easy because there is always temptation and its hard for me to drink lots of fluids. I drank less then half the amount I should have yesterday. I need to drink more. But I did fine. Todays another open house to sit so I wont have temptation to eat there and I will eat protein before I go. Talk soon. Let me know if you have any questions for me. Be glad to help if I can. bye

Saturday, April 17, 2010


This morning got on the scale and it finally went down. I have pasted the 20lb mark. WHOOT WHOOT! I weighed 212.8. I guess the secret is sugar free jello, sugar free popcycles and surgery helps. But I have to tell you its hard to change your brain after 55 years. Your so conditioned to eat and eat what you want to, you really have to retrain your brain. You still think you want to eat and crave tasty sweets and fats, People say just stay busy and dont think about it. RIGHT! Aint that easy. So surgery does help but you still have the ability to bend your elbow and eat. So you really have to focus and plan what you eat and when. You can still eat more then you should and stretch your stomach so you still have to work on the mental part and tell yourself NO! Im not very good at that somedays. But I will work on the thought process and the surgery can help me out with the feel full process. I just have to listen to my stomach instead of my head. My stomach is the angel on my shoulder saying your full. Quit eating now. And my brain is the devil on the other shoulder saying its so good, just one more bite which could really be 3 or 4 more bites. So Good news is I have passed the 20 lb mark. Bad news is I need to behave and got about 60 more pounds to go. I need to know if this blog is helping anyone with info or am I talking to myself. Please let me know if your out there or not. Thanks , have a great weekend. Till tomorrow.......

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well let me tell ya. What a difference a fill makes. I ate before I went, around noon. A mouth full of ceasar salad and a couple pieces of Digorno pizza. I went at 2 for the fill with the nurse practioner. My blood presure was excellent. 123/75 which is outstanding, They said I lost 3 pounds since I was there 2 weeks ago but I have to look back. I think I have stayed the same for awhile. But whatever...... I am in the room and she comes in and starts taking all this stuff out of the cabinet and I said, You need all that for a fill? I was getting a bit nervous thinking I under estimated the procedure. OH NO! She said this is to numb you and this is to do the fill. 2 needles? hummmm I said how much does it hurt that you have to numb it first? She said alot of patients dont get the numbing. I said well its sorta dumb to numb it them give me the fill. How big is the fill needle? and she showed me and I asked to see the numbing needle.....sorta looked the same. I said how long does the fill take to do and is there any pain? She said a couple seconds and no pain. I said How good are you at hitting the target 1st time and she said I am pretty good. I said go for it without the numbing and you better hit the FLIPPIN TARGET the first time.... It did not hurt a bit. I think because it goes into fat on the belly and not muscle like other shots. Piece of cake. Sooooo easy nothing to fear in the future. I was and still am not hungry and its almost 7pm. I am eating a sugar free jello and dont care about eating it. Its amazing. Its like no hunger like the day I had the surgery done. Tomorrow and the next day is pudding and yogurts. Then soft/ blended food for 2 days then food as I can tolerate it after that. She said I should be able to go 4 to 5 hours between meals now. I need to behave and not push it so I have some more weight loss. This thing really works. I ran into the phyc doctor and told him I wasnt coming to anymore meetings because Im really happy with my progress and sitting in a room of people moaning about what problems they have like not being able to eat certain things or what ever they bitch about bums me out. I dont need to hear negative shit when Im so up about this. I told him I will call him when I have a need to chat with him. He said group isnt for everyone and I said its not for me. I am going back in 6 weeks for another fill. That is part of the program. Some people stop with follow ups and stop losing weight. I will be there like clockwork. I should lose a few pounds over the next few days on sugar free popcycles and sugar free jello again, but Im not hungry, AMAZING!!!!!! bye for now.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Looking forward to tomorrow

Well I know I need a fill because I can eat more then I should..... I need a fill and cant wait to get er done. I know a few weeks ago I had an italian beef and could only eat about 2 inches and yesterday I had one and ate about 5 out of the 6 inch beef. I still weigh the same but Im hopeing that after the fill I drop a few more pounds. Crank that sucker down. I will let you know tomorrow after the fill how it went.My appointment is at 2:15 soI will be on liquids again for 2 days then soft food for 2 days ect.....Goin to bed, Talk to ya tomorrow. nite!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New rule as of yesterday

No more bringing food on the bus. Yesterday I didnt bring snacks on the bus except for 1 3/4 oz of cheese for my snack between 1 and 6. thats along time in between so I did bring that. But before I would bring some thing with in the morning and have a stash on the bus for emergency cravings or hunger....NO MORE! I have to tell myself to wait. Granted if it was there I would have had it. But I was a bit hungry without it and I survived. I had a hard boiled egg at 5am wopper no bread at 9am piece of steak and salad at 12:30 cheese at 3pm and talapia, peas and small spoon of mashers for dinner at 6 pm. Small bowl of rice Krispies at 8:30pm. I wish I could give up that bedtime snack. Its a long dayto strech 3 or 4 meals between 4:30am when I get up, and 11pm when I go to bed. But I need to figure out the time frame. It will be easier when Im not on the bus for the summer I think. Or something else will come up. Looking forward to Thursday to see how I feel after the fill. Eat less move more. Its all in my head. They fix your stomach but not your brain. Thats up to me to change that. And I will because I can do anything if I want it bad enough. later gator. Have a great day.

Monday, April 12, 2010

CRAP! didnt happen today

Well after over sleeping by 15 minutes....I ran into the bathroom and weighed myself and......nope, didnt happen. I guess I do need the fill because Im stuck on the 214/215. I have to go because Im running late but thought I would let you know. Try again tomorrow. Byeeee

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Walked 1 hour ten minutes today

Well I did well with eating right and I took 2 walks. One was 40 minutes and the 2nd was 30 minutes but slower. So If I dont screw it up before I go to bed I should hit 213 in the morning.....I hope. that will be an even 20 pounds down. WISH ME LUCK!

214.2 AGAIN!!!!!

Well Im at 6am and doing laundry and have decided todays the day Im gonna go under 214 and hit 213.something. That will make me 20 down. I will take an extra walk, keep moving and eat right if I kills me, todays the day. Let you know tomorrow morning what the scale says and wish me luck. MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Had a good day today

Well I had a pretty good day. Did yard stuff and walked the dogs. Ate protein and behaved pretty good. I realize that when Im home I eat less and when I running between 2 jobs, I eat more because Im not sure when I will get the next chance to eat again so I better eat now. Bad thought that I need to work on fixing. Might sound dumb but when you are an eatter you think differently then others. Eating one meal planning what you will eat at the next meal. I know the food is here at home and I can eat when I want, so I dont dwell on planning when or what to eat. I also tried coffee today and it went well. Didnt give me bathroom issues like last time. So we will see what the scale says in the morning. This morning it was still 215...blahhhhh come on scale move down. I think after my fill on Thursday I will lose more. Cross your fingers for me.
I also need to walk alot on weekends because I cant find time during the week. I will let you know the scale number in the morning. Still glad I had it done. Would do it again in a heart beat.. Tuesday will be 4 weeks since surgery. I really need to get physical. Someone dangle a hot guy in front of me on a tread mill to get me going.Would work better then a carrot. haha

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I need a fill

Well I have not been posting because nothing is happening. I am going between 216 and 214 depending on what day it is. Since Easter I have been more hungry than I was the first couple weeks. The nurse said the swelling from the surgery has gone down and now I need a fill. So I am going on April 15 ,one month from the surgery to get my first fill. I am looking forward to this because I dont want to put on any of the weight I lost . I can tell I dont have the FULL feeling anymore so I must need it cranked down. I went to a meeting last week and people are having trouble eating certain things. NOT ME! I have had shrimp, steak, lettuce and things that maybe I shouldnt be able to eat. So I hope to get on top of it before it goes nuts. I am eating alot of protein which I never did before. But I think I should only be able to eat a cups worth and I bet I can do more like 1 1/2 cups and 2 if its really good. haha. I also need to walk more which is hard when you sit to drive a school bus, sit to do real estate and sit when you get home because your tired from being up since 4:30. Oh well, I will keep you posted. Hopefully I can behave till the fill and then its liquid diet for 2 days soft food for 2 days and back to regular food. Have a nice evening.....talk again soon

Sunday, April 4, 2010

214.2 this morning!!!1

Whoot Whoot! 213 is right around the corner I hope. That will make it 20 lbs. I better stay out of the Easter Baskets and leave the deserts alone.....Lets not go crazy. I have to have a bite of cheese cake. Maybe I will walk both dogs today. ya ya thats it! later....Happy Easter to all

Saturday, April 3, 2010

walking update. 11,800 steps today!!!!!!

Well here is an update. I went with my neighbor and we walked up hills down hills and paths. I thought my legs were going to open up and hemerage when I was going up hill. Oh My God! I am so out of shape. I dont have trouble walking for 45 minutes but I dont do inclines. I did today. My pedometer was at 3688 when we started and 8780 when we finnished the hike, so that 5000 steps on the hike. Since then I am now reading 11,800 and I still have a couple hours till I go to bed. She is really good for me because if she didnt ask me to go I would have sat and putsed on the computer or farted around but would not have hit 10000 steps today. Im going to wear it again tomorrow and on a regular day of work and see how many steps I take. It gives you a good idea of how much we move. Its my new toy. Talk to you tomorrow and let you know how I did at Easter dinner at Jills. Happer Easter to you all. nite

Still stuck on same number....

Well I am still stuck on the same number. But thats ok because I feel great. Went to 2 meetings today and alot of people said hide the scale so you dont get upset when your not losing. But I think the scale keeps me going because I know I will get on there one of these days and drop another pound. I also think that we sometimes go back to eating the same food we use to but alot less of it. I might be talking about me. I stopped at Johnnys Beef today because I wanted one and could only eat 1/4 of it and brought the rest home. Should be 3 more meals. haha. I dont think you should deprive yourself but eating less I can live with as long as I can have small amounts of good tasty food. But on the other hand if I would stay with low fat, sugar free, bland everything maybe I wouldnt be stuck on the scale. Im eating lots more protein and healthy stuff then I use to. I still need to walk more. They said today take your weight devide by 2 and thats how many ounces of water or zero calorie drinks you should drink a day. splish swish. They also gave us a pedometer so this morning I put it on and already have walked 3603 steps Its almost 3:00 so I might fall short. You are supose to walk 10,000 a day so by evening if Im short I gotta make it hit the magic 10,000. Guess I shouldnt go watch tv, huh? Oh well, I feel great and clothes fit better and if someone came in the night and stole my lapband from me I would be pissed. It is a great tool to help you lose. Its still you that has to work with it and make the right decisions or the band cant do it alone. Its not 100%. Doctor says its 20% tool and the person needs to be the 80% to make it work. I think I might need it filled though because Im not having any problems eating what ever I want to. I just have problems feeling too full if
I eat too much. Later Wait ! neighbor just called to ask me to walk, almost said no then I said YES!!!!!! Im doing good because I rather go watch tv but made the choice that I should have. YEAH ME!!! Oh dont get excited because I will watch tv as soon as I get back BYEEEEEEEE

Friday, April 2, 2010


I just checked out my closet and found 10 pairs of capris that I couldnt get buttoned last year. They buttoned today and look great. Awesome! Just saved myself some bucks. I also forgot to tell you that you save alot of money on groceries and eating out. You really do eat so much less, that you bring food home from restraunts and you can have 4 more meals off of it. Bonus!!!!! I ordered lasagne last week while out and it made 5 meals for me. They said that the swelling is down now and I can eat a bit more because there is more room but after my fill I will notice that I cant eat as much. Part of me wants to tell the doctor to crank it down. The fat part of me wants to say, Dont go nuts doc. So I will let fate take its course. Later

215 and holding

I hate to say I' m maintaining 215. I think I have been eating too much fat or sugar and am gonna have to get hard core to get past it. Egg salad with mayo instead of scrambled is doin me in. I Need to buckle down and get back to the basics or take a power walk. They gave me a pedometer yesterday at the meeting. Maybe I should see how much I walk in a day and up it to 10,000 like they say. Well its nice out weather wise so I have no excuses but lazy. They said yesterday at that meeting that the first 6 months after the surgery is the golden time to take off weight. So Im 2 1/2 weeks out and I better not blow this. I need to keep busy and not think about food. Even though Im not hungry, my mind is trained to think about what and when I will eat next. Goes back to my childhood. Fat people always plan the next meal while they are eating the meal of the moment. Skinny people forget to eat and say oh I need to eat, I forgot. I guess I need to be sooooo busy I forget to eat. Good luck with that Denise. haha Gonna have to push myself to walk and retrain my thought process. If anyone tells you this is the easy way out they are wrong. Its an aid to help you but you still have to work the plan. Its a constant minute to minute plan of how to make the best out of the surgery. You still have to plan what your going to eat, how to prepare it, how much protein, carbs fiber ect. excercise, and plan your eating all the time so you will be sucessful. It still is easy to screw up like weak moments driving past a Dairy Queen. Small blizzards call your name as your driving by. BASTURDS! I still would not change my mind and NOT have the surgery. I am thrilled I had it because it really does work and I would have not lost this weight without it. I would suggest it to anyone who can do it. It is a great aid in losing weight. My lazy ass needs to walk more to get the pounds droppin again. Well I am busy today so I hope I forget to eat. Wish me luck. Later

Thursday, April 1, 2010

2 hour class today

Hi, Well today I had to attend a 2 hour class on lapband and gastric. It reminds you about eating and other things and answers alot of questions. Well I found out Im farther ahead eating certain things then other people. The gastric people were still on soft food and having trouble with certain foods. I on the other hand have not had any problems with anything except coffee.HELLO! I come from a long line of professional eaters. We dont have trouble eating. Thats how I got this way. They did say for all you drinkers of alcohol.....none for 6 months. I know I just lost a few of you with that. haha Also said no lettuce for 6 weeks. I have never seen so many over weight people wish they could eat lettuce. Pretty funny. Oh well they also said the protein powder they made us buy for $135. is for before surgery. They want us to eat our protein in food after. So if anyone is going to have this surgery done, you can have my bags of it that I didnt use. One still isnt opened. Yummy stuff, hate to not drink it.....NOT! But it will save you money. They also said quit watching the scale because you will be losing slower like 1-2 pounds a week and might get disgusted if not losing fast enough. So I will keep you posted on any loss but they might be farther apart. But I will still let you know what else Im doing lapband wise.
My pants are getting really lose and my tops that were too snug are fitting nicely. Awesome what an almost 20 lbs weight loss can do for ya. Till we chat again.....toodles

holding at 215

Morning, Well Im still 215. Cooked some hard boiled eggs for breakfast and now Im going to go have 1. Talk later. Have a wonderful day......Oh also couldnt wait to not crush pills so today I cut them in 1/4 and swallowed them. MUCH better. You know me, always pushin things and always the REBEL! byeeeeee